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Infectious Diseases and EpidemiologyISSN: 2474-3658


 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2474-3658/1510204

Clinical Efficacy of Ceftaroline Fosamil in Patients with Severe Pneumonia in Intensive Care Unit

María José Pérez-Pedrero Sánchez-Belmonte, Marcelino Sánchez Casado, Roman Hervey Piza Pinilla, Marta Fernández Arevalo and Maria José Sánchez Carretero

Article Type: Clinical Study | First Published: April 24, 2021

Severe community acquired pneumonia is entity with high mortality, it needs effective and early antibiotic therapy, and often the patients need admission in intensive care unit to receive respiratory support. Appearance of new antibiotics have been expanding the therapeutic efficacy, that approves of Ceftaroline fosamil to treat community acquired pneumonia have allowed to use it as a part of usual therapeutic arsenal and it have shown an earlier clinic response and higher cure rate. The goal of...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2474-3658/1510203

Factors Associated with Severe COVID-19 in an Epidemic Treatment Center at Dakar

Moustapha Diop, Papa Samba Ba, Moustapha Lo, Ndong Essomba, Betty Fall, Mathilde Ndèye Sarr, Mouhamadou Ndiaye, Bruce Wembulua, Fatou Kiné Mbaye Soumah, Ndèye Aissatou Lakhe, Becaye Fall, Abdourahmane Niang, Khardiata Diallo Mbaye, Louise Fortes Degenonvo, Ousmane Faye, Ndongo Dia, Abdou Rajack Ndiaye, Moussa Seydi, Amadou Alpha Sall and Mame Thierno Dieng

Article Type: Original Article | First Published: April 23, 2021

Coronavirus infectious disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is a global public health issue due to a new coronavirus called severe acute respiratory syndrome virus 2 (SARS-Cov-2). It is a very contagious infectious disease with often benign symptoms. However, some patients present with severe clinical signs and are more at risk to die. The aim of this study was to assess the factors associated with severe COVID-19 in an Epidemic Treatment Center (ETC) at Dakar, Senegal. We conducted a prospective de...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2474-3658/1510205

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy: Maximising the Extending Roles of Community Pharmacists in Nigeria in Driving Behavioural Changes in Public Health Interventions

Oladapo Rasaq Kayode, Oyetola Afeez Babatunde, Olajide Adekunle, Monisola Igbalajobi and Adebayo Kudirat Abiodun

Article Type: Letter to the Editor | First Published: April 24, 2021

The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic caused by the novel virus, SARS-COV-2, has considerably increased awareness and discussions among the general populace - and scientists - regarding the important roles of vaccines. Despite the desperate need for interventions from vaccines, there is still considerable apathy and hesitancy around the acceptance and use of the available, approved vaccines in many places in Africa and Nigeria, especially. Community pharmacists are the most accessible and ...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2474-3658/1510202

Ivermectin and COVID-19 in Care Home: Case Report

Pierre Loué and Christine Fardeau

Article Type: Case Report | First Published: April 17, 2021

COVID-19 appeared at the end of December 2019 in China in the city of Wuhan before spreading around the world in just a few months. At the end of May 2020, among 77 000 people living in care home in Paris area, 16 940 (22 %) were estimated positive to Covid19 and 5 600 (33 % among positive ones) had a Covid19 related death. When lockdown started on March 15, 2020, old age and comorbidity features including heart failure, diabetes, respiratory failure, obesity, were known to be a high-risk of sev...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2474-3658/1510201

Possible Role of Biomedical Polymers in COVID-19 Journey: A Short Review

Akram Jassim Jawad

Article Type: Review Article | First Published: April 09, 2021

In recent months, many scientists and engineers have tried to minimize and control coronavirus spreading by different techniques. These techniques usually focused on cutting the circlet of Covid-19 infection by both direct and non-direct ways. As a polymer composites widely used in everyday products, a short review of Polymer Nano-Composites (PNCs) for antiviral activity against Covid-19 has been achieved. Firstly, virus’s structure, especially Covid-19 has been discussed. Then, different PNCs...

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Issue 4