Tabbah R, Rachoin R, Harb B (2019) Surviving a Single Ventricle and a Single Atrium with a Situs Inversus Viscerum. Clin Med Rev Case Rep 6:278.


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CASE REPORT | OPEN ACCESS DOI: 10.23937/2378-3656/1410278

Surviving a Single Ventricle and a Single Atrium with a Situs Inversus Viscerum

Randa Tabbah, MD1*, Rachoin Rachoin, MD2, Bassam Harb, MD3 and Kabalan Saroufim, MD4

1Department of Cardiology, Holy Spirit University, Kaslik, Lebanon

2Head of the Department of Echocardiography, Notre Dame de Secours University Hospital, Lebanon

3Interventional Cardiologist, Notre Dame de Secours University Hospital, Lebanon

4Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine CHU-NDS Jbeil University Hospital, USEK, Lebanon


A single ventricle is a congenital malformation including heart defects that results in having one functional ventricle and another small or hypoplastic one. A new concept of this congenital anomaly defines it as two ventricles unable to sustain separately systemic and pulmonary circulation.

We report a rare case of an 18-years-old female surviving a single ventricle malformation associated with a single atrium and a situs inversus viscerum. She was misdiagnosed in utero and at birth and lost to follow up since her early age when diagnosed at 4-years-old and didn't undergo any palliative surgeries after then due to financial issues. Patient was admitted for heart failure decompensation with hepatic congestion, supraventricular arrhythmias and bilateral pleural effusion and was treated symptomatically. This described patient is a very rare congenital association with a bad prognosis and low survival rate.

Early diagnosis and follow up in these congenital cases are important to improve quality of life and life expectancy.