Table 1: Summary of the impact of binding affinity changes in the CD8-Hla Class I interaction, the potential immunotherapy agonist and antagonist drug actions and their impact on immunological function.

Interaction Binding Affinity (KD) CD8-HLA Class I Drug Action Immunological Outcome
CD8-HLA Class I Wild Type 145 µM Nil Normal T Cell Activity
CD8-HLA Class I (Q115E) 85 µM Weak Agonist Enhanced Activity Cognate Specificity Enhanced T Cell Specific Killing
CD8-HLA-A2/Kb 10 µM Strong Agonist Loss of Cognate HLA/Peptide Specificity Targets Killed by all T Cells
CD8 -HLA Class I (D227K/T228A) > 10,000 µM Antagonist Loss of T Cell Activity