Table 1: Applications of ChatGPT in Mental Health Intervention.


Function as a Mental Health Intervention

1.       Chatbot Therapy

ChatGPTcan be programmed to simulate a conversation with a therapist or counselor, allowing individuals to discuss their mental health concerns. Chatbot therapy benefits individuals who may feel uncomfortable talking about their issues with a real person.

2.       Assessment and Screening

ChatGPTcan be used to administer mental health assessments and screenings. The language model can provide individuals with screening tools to assess their depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

3.       Psychoeducation

ChatGPT can provide psychoeducation on various mental health issues, such as the symptoms and treatment options for anxiety, depression, or other mental health disorders. This can be particularly helpful for individuals new to mental health treatment.

4.       Self-Help and Coping Strategies

ChatGPTcan be used to provide self-help and coping strategies to individuals who are struggling with mental health concerns. The language model can provide individuals with strategies for managing stress, relaxation techniques, and other coping mechanisms.

5.       Reminders and Motivation

ChatGPTcan be used to send reminders and motivational messages to individuals who are undergoing mental health treatment. This can help encourage individuals to stay engaged in their treatment and give them a sense of accountability.