Table 1: Table summarising the case series of patients presenting with injuries resulting from using cleats

Case demographics Past medical history Injuries Treatment Adverse outcomes
1. 54 female Breast carcinoma Right transcervical neck of femur fracture Cannulated screws Nil
2. 54 male Nil Left greater trochanter fracture Conservative Nil
3. 49 female Nil Left trimalleolar ankle fracture-dislocation Open reduction and internal fixation and eventual joint fusion Several failed operations requiring joint fusion for ongoing subluxation
4. 68 male Nil Left scapula, clavicle and posterior rib fractures with a small apical pneumothorax and moderate haemothorax, a left ring finger base of proximal phalanx fracture and a T3 wedge fracture Conservative Nil
5. 64 male Vitamin D deficiency Left impacted neck of femur fracture Total hip replacement Nil