Table 1: Description of stretches employed

Static Stretch (Described right side only)

Dynamic Stretch

Quadriceps: Stand with feet close together. Flex the right knee towards the right glute and hold the right ankle with the right hand. If possible, push the hips forward for a greater stretch.

Quadriceps: Step forward with the left foot, bring the right leg forward, flex right knee towards the glutes and grab the right ankle with right hand. At the same time raise the left arm. Repeat alternately.

Bicep Femoris: Lie down on the back with legs flat, lift the right leg and place the left hand to the outside knee. Push the right knee towards the left shoulder.

Hamstring: Step forward onto the left foot, kick right leg out towards the out stretched arm that are parallel to the shoulders. When right leg comes back towards the ground kick out behind.

Lunge: Step forward onto the right foot, lowering the hips into a lunge position. Keep the right knee above the right foot and the left knee just off the ground. The trunk and head should remain in an upright posture.

Lunge into Glute Stretch: Stand upright, step forward onto the right foot and lower the hips into a lunge position. Keep the right knee above the right foot and the left knee just off the ground. Lunge forward then lunge back, out stretch your left leg and sit forward to stretch the glute.

Glute Stretch: Lying on the floor lift right knee towards the chest. Hold the ankle and pull towards the chest.

Supported Squats with Club: Hold supporting golf club. Squat down from the knee position, keeping a straight back. Go just below parallel, so that the glutes drop below the knees.

Trunk Rotation: Start 6 to 8 inches from the wall; begin turning the right of the body until you can feel tension in the pelvis. Reach, right and left hand towards the wall.

Side Lunge / Trunk Rotation: Stand with feet hip width apart. Step with the side with the right knee and lunge, when in the lunge position rotate the trunk to the right side with the arms at head height.

Obliques: Stand with feet hip width apart. Tilt to the right side with the left arm coming over the head, keeping your torso straight. Keep the back in a neutral position.

Obliques: Identical to the static stretch but this is performed with a side to side motion.

Shoulder and Trapezius: Hold driver, put it over the head and drop it down the back. Hold the grip in the left hand, maintaining a 90 degree angle at the elbow. Stretch the right arm out behind the body holding the club head.

Trapezius and Subscapularis: Stand tall with the shoulder blades back. Bend elbows at 90 degrees, rotate thumbs outwards and bring forms back.

Anterior Shoulder: Stand with feet hip width apart. Hold golf club parallel to the ground, lift the club above the head with a slight bend in the elbow.

Shoulder Baseball Movement: Hold golf club at shoulder height and repeat swings from right to left, pausing for a second in the middle.

Chest: Stand with feet hip width apart and stand upright. Clasp arms behind the back, pressing the chest out.

Chest: Slowly swing your arms back and forth across the front of the chest, focusing on stretching the chest area.