Table 1: Represents the prior studies returned on a literature review of simultaneous distal biceps ruptures.

Study # of patients Sex Age Mechanism of injury Time to Surgery from DOI Treatment Result Comments
Bayat, et al. [6] 1 Male 50 Rock climbing Staged 6 months apart Bilateral staged reconstruction with fascia lata autograft Satisfactory Presented 2 years post injury
Da Cambra, et al. [7] 1 Male 43 Lifting drywall Unclear, staged 6 weeks apart Bilateral staged primary repair Satisfactory Right LABCN palsy
Rokito, et al. [2] 1 Male 51 Preacher Curl Right - 7 weeks
Left - 20 weeks
Right - primary repair Left - Achilles allograft Good 6-week delay in presentation
Ferran, et al. [5] 1 Male 37 Gymnastic 5 days Simultaneous primary repair Excellent

DOI: Date of Injury; LABCN: Lateral Antebrachial Cutaneous Nerve.