Table 2: Limitations, advantages and instructions for correct use of home blood pressure monitoring.

Home blood pressure monitoring



Instructions for correct use

-   includes patient in the treatment process;

-   may be used if ABPM is unavailable, not tolerated or refused;

-   more reliable than office BP values;

-   more measurements, than in the office;

-   may have better predictive value for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality than office measurements;

-   patient may take the measurements incorrectly;

-   patient may not follow instructions for correct use;

-   patient may forget about measurements;

-   patients may use invalidated devices;

-   at least 5 minutes rest before measurement;

-   at least 2 measurements each time;

-   preferably 2 measurements daily before drug administration;

-   at least 4 days, preferably for a week;

-   discard measurements taken on the 1st day;

-   calculate the average from the readings left;

-   physicians may ask the patient to bring the device to the office and control correct use of the device;


ABPM: Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring; BP: Blood pressure