Table 2: MyHEART feasibility young adult education modules.



Topic Overview

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

How to measure blood pressure at home (or outside of clinic)

Hypertension Knowledge

Define blood pressure, hypertension, and goal blood pressure

Low Sodium

Reading labels, effects of sodium on blood pressure

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Eating Plan

DASH components, meal planning

Weight loss/Maintenance

Relationship of weight with hypertension, dietary and activity options to lose weight, time management

Smoking Cessation

Negative effects of tobacco on heart health, tobacco cessation information for the Wisconsin Quit Line

Moderate Alcohol Consumptions

Negative effects of high alcohol consumption on heart health; Primary care provider notification for addiction services consultation if needed

Blood Pressure Medicine

Why blood pressure medications may be part of the treatment plan

Social Support

Local resources to reduce no-shows and for community activity options

Stress Management

Stress with chronic disease and life stressors