Table 3: Comparison of residual values of each group.

Vessels Hypertensive residuals Normotensive residuals P
RCCA PSV 4.996004e-016 -1.433831e-016 1
RCCA RI 5.286776e-017 3.516121e-018 1
RCCA PI -2.168404e-017 1.095287e-017 1
RCCA DIAMETER -8.540177e-018 -1.991431e-017 1
RICA PSV -3.006142e-016 -6.078844e-016 1
RICA RI 2.238353e-018 3.422773e-018 1
RICA PI -3.469447e-018 2.178128e-019 1
RICA DIAMETER 1.521219e-018 4.560378e-016 1
RVA PSV 6.012285e-016 0 1
RVA RI 5.421011e-018 -4.667417e-020 1
RVA PI -4.813858e-017 1.667824e-017 1
RVA DIAMETER 6.661338e-018 -1.632974-016 1
LCCA PSV 9.868649e-016 -4.460806e-016 1
LCCA RI 3.524518e-018 -1.089064e-018 1
LCCA PI 4.229421e-017 -1.493574e-018 1
LCCA DIAMETER 1.345725e-017 3.823548e-016 1
LICA PSV 2.018587e-016 6.372581e-017 1
LICA RI -1.195625e-017 2.582638e-018 1
LICA PI 1.009294e-017 3.982863e-018 1
LICA DIAMETER -4.794145e-017 2.668518e-016 1
LVA PSV -1.387779e-016 -1.371443e-016 1
LVA RI 8.811294e-018 -2.178128e-019 1
LVA PI 1.233581e-017 2.165682e-017 1
LVA DIAMETER -6.728624e-018 3.684148e-017 1

RCCA: right common Carotid Artery; LCCA: left common carotid artery; RICA: right internal carotid artery; LICA: left internal carotid artery;

RVA: right vertebral artery; LVA: left vertebral artery; PSV: peak systolic velocity; RI: resistance index; PI: pulsatility index.