Special Issue

Title: Endocrine Oncology

The scope and significance

Endocrine cancers include major cancer killers as well as rare but important cancers. There is an expected global rise in cancer incidence including endocrine cancers and will pose significant challenges in the coming decade because of the increase in air pollution and other life style related risk factors. This special issue "Endocrine Oncology" will discuss any contemporary issues related to endocrine cancers including: Air pollution and life style, Public health and epidemiology, Drug therapy, Radiotherapy, Surgery, End of life palliative care, Art pieces of poetry, prose, painting or photography about subjects important for cancer patients are also welcome separately or along with the scientific papers. This special issue attempts to bring together expert papers to offer a complete view of endocrine cancer, the related challenges and the treatment.


Handling Editor
Min Rex Cheung

Independent Researcher
275 S Bryn Mawr Ave
Bryn Mawr

Short biography

I am an independent researcher, not associated with any organization for my research. This work represents only my views. I believe to understand where and how our patients live, get sick and heal is an important part of medicine. And art illuminates science and medicine. I just moved to Brooklyn NY which is one of the five boroughs of New York City. Dutch settled on the west coast of East River in the 1700s, then by English settlers. Then and now it is a very important part of NYC. It has a population of about 2.5 million people. People came here from all over the world. Like today, and tomorrow, they connected with their loved ones still at home by letters and promises, heartaches held together against the jealousy and resentment they left behind. President Washington showed his brilliance in an early major battle in Revolutionary War at what now is Atlantic Avenue. President Lincoln personally selected a local group of people for his army during the Civil War.

National Baseball League started here in Brooklyn. It offers world class cultural and sports activities. I like to shop at local ethnic supermarkets. There are hardy tropical dragon eyes, still delicious star fruits bruised by busy customers. They sell flowers like those in lunar market, fragrant orchids like those grow freely in the cowsheds on harbor mountains. It is a nice neighborhood to walk in and take notes while listening to music, fingers tapping on the table for a cup of thyme tea warmed by the wind, it must be 80 degrees out that day and a storm approaching, it was fascinating to see the way the falling leaves and petals shooting cross the sky. You could hear a nearby train passing like the marching sound of Turing machine. It has been about 25 years since we first arrived. I have published a number of books and papers related to oncology, radiation oncology in particular, global epidemiology and public health of oncology and pollution. There will be a major challenge of cancer epidemic in the world related to environment and life style, especially in the Asia Pacific in the coming decade. Try to understand various challenges facing patients, cancer patients in particular, is the focus of my work. Think knowledge and kindness, the world will be a better place. @Brooklyn. May 2015.