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Title: A Central Role of Interleukins in Pulmonary Inflammation

Special issue Note

There are known and possibly unknown causes of pulmonary inflammation. Interleukins are involved in inflammation, and subsequently the adaptive immunity. Works on ruling the rolesof interleukins and therapeutically treatment of anti-interleukin activities are the main topics of the special issue on "A Central Role of Interleukins in Pulmonary Inflammation".

Handling Editor

Tsai-Hsia Hong

Tsai-Hsia Hong
R&D Director
Protech Pharmaservices Corp.
Tel: 886-02-5558-0000

Short biography

My graduate education was in Genetics from Indiana University and postdoctoral training in Immunology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Since then, my interest has been in Immunology and immunological applications. More than ten years Bio-industrial experience was mainly in product development for diagnosis. The experience of direct study with critical patients in severe sepsis and cardiogenic shock was in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) of National Taiwan University Hospital, which raised my interest as a member of a Contract Research Organization (CRO). Suitable new drugs and biological drugs are desirable for critical patients.I currently work at Protech Pharmaservices Corp., the largest CRO in Taiwan. As the R&D Director of a CRO company, my current focus is to develop biomarker assay systems for pharmacodynamics analysis, prognosis, and diagnosis. The related studied diseases include cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and sepsis.

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