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Title: Evaluate Behavioral intervention programs

Special issue Note

Behavioral intervention programs are an important strategy to address a wide range of health issues across diverse settings. This special issue seeks to include articles which evaluate the systematic application of interventions based on the principles of learning theory to improve socially significant behaviors. Behavioral intervention programs addressing topics related to health care, medicine, general practice and public health topics are encouraged.

Handling Editor

Nikki Keene Woods

Nikki Keene Woods
Assistant Professor
Department of Public Health Sciences
Wichita State University
Tel: 316-617-2498

Short biography

Dr. Nikki Keene Woods is an Assistant Professor at Wichita State University in the Department of Public Health Sciences. She has earned master degrees in Behavioral Science and Public Health in addition to a PhD in Behavioral Psychology from the University of Kansas. She is a maternal, infant, and child health researcher and educator with an emphasis on addressing health disparities. Her work is community-based and collaborative in nature utilizing mixed methods to answer specific community health questions. She is currently active in local and state groups working to improve birth outcomes for infants and mothers in Kansas. Dr. Keene Woods has been an active volunteer for the Kansas March of Dimes. More recently she has served on the Kansas Public Health Association board as the secretary and communications committee chair. Her experiences and knowledge is shared with students through undergraduate and graduate coursework and service-learning opportunities. Research Interests are maternal, infant, and child health with an emphasis on addressing health disparities. My research is community-based and collaborative in nature utilizing mixed methods to solve complex community health issues.

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