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Rectifying Radon's Record: An Open Challenge to the EPA

Jeffry A Siegel, Charles W Pennington, Bill Sacks and James S Welsh
Int J Radiol Imaging Technol Volume 2, Issue 1

Abstract: The American Lung Association has recently led a national workgroup to develop The National Radon Action Plan: A Strategy for Saving Lives. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the lead governmental organization projected to implement this plan. The stated intent of the plan is to address the 'radon problem' in the United States, with the aim of saving 3,200 lives by the year 2020 through preventing at least a portion of the lung cancer mortality that is assumed to arise from inhaling modest doses of radon in homes, offices, and buildings. The plan identifies a number of actions that government can take in the spirit of saving lives by avoiding the inhalation of radon and its progeny. We are among a growing number of investigators who recognize the substantial body of evidence demonstrating that the radiation doses associated with indoor radon inhalation are not harmful.

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Adaptive Radiotherapy for Limited Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer

Lindsay Rowe, Andra Krauze, John Hanson and Don Yee
Int J Radiol Imaging Technol Volume 2, Issue 1

Abstract: The addition of thoracic RT to chemotherapy for limited stage small cell lung cancer (LS-SCLC) patients provides improved local control and overall survival. Despite the improved outcomes provided by thoracic RT, LS-SCLC has a high local recurrence rate and low survival after contemporary treatments. Local control rates remain 47% at 2-years, and 5-year overall survival remains 5-10%.

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Establishing Radiopharmaceutical Standards at a Nuclear Medicine Unit in Malta

Leonie Pace Vincenti, Anthony Samuel and Francis Zarb
Int J Radiol Imaging Technol Volume 2, Issue 1

Abstract: To establish radiopharmaceutical standards in a Nuclear Medicine Department in terms of radiochemical purity. Radionuclide standards were assessed in terms of radionuclide and chemical purity as well as pH as part of a quality control (QC) programme. An accurate and complete literature search was conducted identifying the needs, specific tests and resources required for the QC programme.

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Aberrant Internal Carotid Artery in the Temporal Bone: A Case Report

Mehtap Cavusoglu, Semra Duran, Eda Elverici and Arzu Ozsoy
Int J Radiol Imaging Technol Volume 2, Issue 1

Abstract: An aberrant internal carotid artery (ICA) in the middle ear is a rare and potentially serious vascular anomaly. Symptoms and signs of aberrant internal carotid artery are often non-specific, therefore radiographic investigation with the combination of CT scan and MRA is required for the diagnosis. It is also essential to inform physicians to avoid disastrous consequences.

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On Long Term Effects of Low Power Laser Therapy on Bone Repair: A Demonstrative Study by Synchrotron Radiation-based Phase-Contrast Microtomography

Adrian Manescu, Roxana Oancea, Carmen Todea, Laura Cristina Rusu, Serena Mazzoni, Meda Lavinia Negrutiu, Cosmin Sinescu and Alessandra Giuliani
Int J Radiol Imaging Technol Volume 2, Issue 1

Abstract: Laser effects on fracture healing are still controversial and require further quantitative 3D measures of newly formed bone microstructural parameters. We performed a demonstrative investigation, by synchrotron radiation-based phase-contrast microtomography (SR-phc-microCT), on bone regeneration process in rats submitted to femoral osteotomy and treated with low power laser therapy (LPLT).

PDF   | Full Text  DOI: 10.23937/2572-3235.1510010

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Alternative Mathematical Form for Determining the Effectiveness of High-LET Radiations at Lower Doses Region

Abubaker Ali Yousif Alghoul and Muhamad Samudi Yasir
Int J Radiol Imaging Technol Volume 2, Issue 1

Abstract: The Effectiveness of lower doses of high-LET radiations is not accurately determined by using energy-based physical parameters such as absorbed dose and radio-sensitivity parameters. Therefore, an attempt has been carried out in this research to propose alternative parameter that capable to quantify the effectiveness of these high LET radiations at lower doses regions. The linear energy transfer and mean free path for linear primary ionization are employed as distinct parameters to achieve this objective.

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Case Report Open Access

Bowel Obstruction from Benign Adnexal Mass in an Elderly Patient

Assenza M, Rossi D, De Gruttola I, Scala A, Falaschi F and Modini C
Int J Radiol Imaging Technol Volume 2, Issue 1

Abstract: Bowel obstruction resulting from ovarian masses is a serious complication of these diseases. This may be caused by bulky masses filling the pelvis and the abdomen, and should be carefully worked out by pre-operative imaging because of their non-specific clinical signs that may be confused with those due to other conditions such as: volvulus, cancer or adhesions.

PDF   | Full Text  DOI: 10.23937/2572-3235.1510008

Volume 2
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