Table 1: List of KB220Z Ingredients with targets and mechanism of action.


Therapeutic Target



Dopamine Synthesis

20% of this precursor amino-acid is converted to dopamine


Enkephalin/Endorphin Catabolism

Inhibition of the carboxypeptidase (enkephalinase); thereby, increasing opioid peptide levels in brain


Dopamine Synthesis

Rate-limiting step in the synthesis of dopamine


GABA Synthesis

Supplied in small amount to assist in balance of over-inhibiting GABA by natural opioid peptides

Chromium Salts

Serotonin Synthesis

Chromium is known to increase the sensitivity of the insulin receptor thereby, reducing the carbohydrate ratio by one-third in the blood; This effect causes gut tryptophan to increase in the brain with a concomitant increase in serotonin synthesis


Serotonin Synthesis

Involved in the synthetic pathway to produce serotonin

Rhodiola rosea

Enzyme Inhibitor Increasing Catecholamines

Rhodiola rosea has been shown to inhibit COMT activity thereby, increasing DA in the synapse as well as inhibiting MAO-A in the mitochondria, which increases vesicular DA in pre-synaptic neuron

Pyridoxine Phosphate

Enzyme Catalyst

Assists in the synthesis of dopamine

Passion Flower

Benzodiazepine Receptor Stimulant

By stimulating the benzodiazepine receptor, there is a reduction in anxiety due to stress from detoxification


Abbreviations: VTA: Ventral Tegmental Area; NMDA: N-Methyl-D-Aspartate; NAC: Nucleus Accumbens; DA: Dopamine; COMT: Catecholamine-Methyl-Transferase; MAO-A: Monoamine-Oxidase A