Table 1: Published studies on blunt traumatic injury to the subclavian artery.

Author [Reference] Sex/Age Mechanism Injury type Device Patency (months) Plexus injury
Brandt, et al. [9] M/35 MVC Dissection Wallgraft 20 No
M/42 MVC Transection Wallstent 1.5 No
Renger, et al. [10] F/60 Fall Pseudoaneurysm Wallgraft 12 No
Xenos, et al. [11] M/19 MVC Active haemorrhage Wallgraft 12 (NS)
Bukhari, et al. [12] F/45 MVC Pseudoaneurysm Jostent 2 No
Piffaretti, et al. [13] M/65 (NS) Pseudoaneurysm Wallgraft 36 No
M/55 (NS) Dissection Luminexx 12 No
Stokkeland, et al. [14] M/80 Fall from height Perforation Hemobahn 14 No
Derom, et al. [15] F/93 Clavicle fracture Pseudoaneurysm Hemobahn 9 No
Carrick, et al. [16] M/24 Fall Pseudoaneurysm Wallgraft (NS) No
Enamorado, et al. [17] M/24 MVC Pseudoaneurysm (NS) (NS) No
Stefanczyck, et al. [18] F/10 Clavicle fracture Pseudoaneurysm Viabahn 6 No
Stalhub, et al. [19] M/32 (NS) Occlusion Wallstent 10 (median) (NS)
F/24 (NS) Occlusion Wallstent 10 (median) (NS)
M/76 (NS) Occlusion Viabahn 10 (median) (NS)
M/23 (NS) Occlusion Viabahn 10 (median) (NS)
M/64 (NS) Transection Viabahn 10 (median) (NS)
M/35 (NS) Occlusion Viabahn 10 (median) (NS)
Carrafiello, et al. [20] M/56 (NS) Transection Wallgraft 72 (NS)
F/31 (NS) Occlusion Bare stent Strecker 72 (NS)
M/80 (NS) Pseudoaneurysm Fluency stent 36 (NS)
M/49 (NS) Pseudoaneurysm Fluency stent 12 (NS)
Assenza, et al. [21] M/70 Fall from height Active haemorrhage Viabahn 0.5 No
Günday, et al. [22] M/31 Compression Occlusion Viabahn 1 (NS)
Nakada, et al. [23] M/41 MVC Dissection S.M.A.R.T 2 (NS)
Nishimura, et al. [24] M/70 Clavicle fracture Pseudoaneurysm Fluency stent 12 No
Zhang, et al. [25] M/50 (NS) Pseudoaneurysm Viabahn 6 No
Matsagkas, et al. [6] M/34 MVC (NS) Viabahn 44 No
M/42 MVC (NS) Viabahn 42 No
M/63 Fall from height (NS) Viabahn 36 No
M/70 Fall from height (NS) Viabahn 34 No
M/72 Fall from height (NS) Viabahn 28 No
M/60 Fall from height (NS) Viabahn 24 No
M/54 Fall from height (NS) Viabahn 12 (stent thrombosis) Yes
Diaz-Gutierrez, et al. [26] M/20 MVC Partial Transection Atrium iCAST 12 No
Weber, et al. [27] M/57 MVC Transection subclavian & vertebral artery Fluency (NS) No

MVC: Motor Vehicle Crash; (NS): Non specified.