Table 2: Warnings and Precautions Associated with VMAT2 Inhibitors [8-10].

Warning/Precaution Valbenazine Tetrabenazine Deutetrabenazine
Sedation/Somnolence x x x
Akathisia x x x
QTc Prolongation x x x
Anticholinergic Effects (e.g. xerostomia, urinary retention, constipation, blurred vision) x
Muscle Pain x
Depression and Suicidality x x
NMS x x
Parkinsonism x x
Hyperprolactinemia x x
Binding to Melanin-Containing Tissue x x
Dysphagia x
Orthostatic Hypotension x

x: Represents the medication mentioned for that particular columnar cause the particular side effect listed for that row.