Table 1: Study population.

Name Age Specialty or area Type of error Workload
P1 39 Cardiology Intubation requested by the physician that the team failed to perform. 80
P2 47 Internal medicine The patient developed a hematoma in the airways, which was belatedly discovered by the team. 45
P3 38 Internal medicine The attending physician indicated treatment, and the patient died in the ICU. 50
P4 47 Internal medicine The patient went into cardiac arrest during the intubation procedure. 60
P5 36 Anesthesiology Patient with compromised airways went into cardiac arrest during intubation. 45
P6 49 Orthopedics The prosthesis was incorrectly placed, and the procedure had to be done all over again. 30
P7 41 Surgery An artery was damaged during a procedure, which compromised the circulation of blood and lead to amputation. 60
P8 52 Urology The surgeon in charge responded for the team’s anesthesiologist, who gave the patient the wrong medication. 60
P9 47 Surgery Organ transplant with the donor having an incompatible blood type. 50
P10 61 Anesthesiology Cardiac arrest at the beginning of the surgery, as a consequence of a failure to properly follow the protocols. 50