Table 2: Suggestions of the study.

Suggestions for Strengthening of Nursing Education

×    Formation of clinic simulation-based educational opportunities in nursing education

×    Presenting an opportunity for multidisciplinary team work

×    Turning nursing colleges to faculties, providing campus setting, rearrangement of faculties according to their substructure need, and presenting equal education opportunity

×    Supporting students to participate in scientific studies, in congresses and conferences before graduation

×   In addition to increasing student placement in licensed nursing programs of universities, increasing academic personnel number

×   Building nursing profession on a scientific ground

×   Basing nursing applications to studies based on concepts and proofs

×   Specialization in the profession

Suggestions for Improvement of the Working Conditions of Nursing Profession

×    Establishment of mobbing centers at hospitals

×    Organization of training on enabling and improving worker safety

×    The arrangement of work hours

×    Support of taking leave that is the legal right of nurses by the administration

×    Updating of legal rights and duty definitions based on the developments in the nursing profession

×    Removing ethical and legal conflicts

×    Developing nursing recording systems

×   Making nursing services visible

×   Enabling cost effectiveness of nursing care

×   Adoption of a performance system consisting of nursing applications by institutions

×   In addition to legal developments in malpractice matter, development of policies and strategies, and at the same time increasing the results of wider scale researches on the matter

×   Giving orientation training to nurses who just start working

×   Supporting right strike use and supporting the righteous persons in promotions without gender discrimination

×   Usage of award systems

×   Doing strategic workforce planning by considering the number of actively working nurses

Suggestions for Strengthening of Nurses Professionally

×   Improving professional awareness by inner service training offered to nurses

×   Organization of awareness development-improvement programs on legal rights matter

×   Evaluation of professional competence at regular intervals

×   Organization of personal development seminars in institutions regularly

×   Supporting leadership characteristics of nurses

×   Use of nurse classification systems such as “The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association-NANDA”, “Nursing Interventions Classification-NIC”, “Nursing Outcomes Classification-NOC” for nursing diagnoses, nursing initiatives, and nursing results regarding standard language use

×   Adoption of professional ethics codes

×   Use of professional standards

×   Nurses being aware of their authorities

×   Serving as a mediator

×   Receiving supervision training and serving as a supervisor

×   Supporting nurses, who are attending postgraduate education, by hospital administration

×   Receiving consultancy from the nursing departments of universities in decisions related to the nursing profession

×   Associations being in collaboration in the matter of assignment of specialization appointments

×   Preparation of projects with an introduction purpose and usage of media in this context