Table 3: Questionnaire development steps.




1. Determine what is to be measured

Select and study a well-grounded theory to develop hypotheses, constructs and concepts related to the phenomenon being measured

Review of Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovations theory which explains characteristics that influence a NP to have awareness-knowledge of GINA. Theoretical components to be synthesized into constructs/concepts in order to generate questionnaire items.

2. Generate an item pool from review of literature

To propose self-report/response data collection items that facilitate responses representing variables that influence awareness of GINA.

Draft items for scale responses according to constructs/concepts of the theory. asking level of importance by dissertation committee members in assessing awareness-knowledge of GINA in NPs

3. Determine the format for measurement

To determine what scales are most compatible with the theory: constructs and concepts

Occurs simultaneously with generation of questionnaire items so that the two steps are compatible

4. Initial questionnaire item pool reviewed    by experts

To establish content validity

Nine nurse practitioners with genetic expertise scored the questionnaire items for content validity index to prepare questionnaire for transfer to Qualtrics® survey software for field testing

5. Consider inclusion of validation items/field test revised questionnaire

Test reliability in a small sample Interact with subjects regarding readability, item burden and testing problems

Refined questionnaire items on Qualtrics® survey software. Utilize ten Clemson University NPs, not possessing genetic expertise and not included in the sample population, to identify questionnaire administration problems.

6. Administer final revised online questionnaire to pilot sample

To evaluate for construct validity and reliability

Utilize pilot sample to include members of two SC NP associations

Use findings to evaluate future development steps

Cronbach’s alpha for reliability Descriptive statistics for construct validity