Table 1: Movies and student's expressions.

Week Movie/year Student's expressions after movies
1. Movie of the week The Color of Paradise/1999 Students said that they were very impressed
by this movie, especially by Mohammad. They also
said that Aziz and the father were the other
characters that impressed them. The discussion
focused on Mohammad's ability to deal with
difficulties in his life and his efforts to hold
on to life, grandmother Aziz's efforts to keep the
family together and changes in father's feelings.
A general review of the movie indicated that students
were able to recognize and comprehend concepts such
as empathy, the importance of expressing one's
feelings, coping skills, effective listening, providing
help and not harming others.
2. Movie of the week Forrest Gump/1994 Students said that they found the character Forrest
Gump very impressing. They also said that the themes of
the movie were Forrest Gump's point of view regarding
the things that happen in his life, his ways of coping
with them, consideration for handicapped people and getting
rid of one's prejudices.
3. Movie of the week The Merchant of Venice/2004 Students said that Antonio and Portia were the characters
that impressed them most. The themes of the movie were
identified as sacrifice, the importance of keeping one's
promises in relationships, conflicts of interest in relationships,
marginalizing different and distinct people, prejudices and the
reflections of hate and anger on relationships.
4. Movie of the week The Story of Us/1999 Students talked about communication and family relationships.
They discussed each character one by one, considering their roles
in the family, their personality traits and patterns of
communication. Students also discussed family dynamics, the
characteristics that keep a family together, the importance of
expressing emotions in the appropriate time and way, effective
listening, caring for and empathizing with others.
5. Movie of the week The Remains of the Day/1993 Students said that James Stevens was the most impressing
character for them. They discussed his shyness, his inability
to express himself, the weak and fragile character hidden behind
his strong and authoritarian image and the effects of these
characteristics on his relationships. Students emphasized that
one has to be able to express inner feelings and be flexible to
build an effective communication in relationships.