Table 1: Examples of analysis process.

Meaning unit Condensed meaning unit Code Subcategory Category
So you cannot have a continuous taking care of a patient at the same time, because of
there are so many patients, so many medications, you have to be alert at the
same time. So like one patient, you have to prepare like 15 medications for
this patient, and then sometimes you really have to be alert because there is a high
risk at you making medication error if you are stressed out
Cannot take care of many patients at same time, have to be alert,
high risk medication error if stressed
High workload Responsibility Supporting healthy eating habits Support through family-centered nursing
They will tell you sometimes the patient is okay, that the patient has room air only,
not oxygen support, but actually the patient already has CODED in the ER,
they will conceal it. Like sometimes they endorse patients and not tell you it has already twice
CODED so once it came here, you are not prepared, so now you have to be prepared cause
of the high chance of coding in your area
Sometimes don't tell patient already twice CODED, you not prepared,
high chance of coding in your area
Impact of communication Unprepared Managing limited resources Support through family-centered nursing