Table 1: Description of the four forum theatre performances.

Scenario Parties involved Actions


A senior student, teacher and director of the students' dormitory

The setting is a female student dormitory. A committee of senior nursing students prepared a proposal for a social event. They then approached the responsible teacher of the students' dormitory, who passed the proposal to the director of the dormitory. The director rejected the proposal due to the lack of funding and because the proposed social event was not included in the yearly event plan for the dormitory.


A bachelor's of nursing student in a clinical rotation and two clinical instructors at the ward

According to the clinical rotation, a student in nursing management proposed the implementation of a care delivery system to a clinical instructor. The project was based on an assessment at the ward due to their need for improvement. However, another clinical instructor asked the same student to implement continuing professional development (CPD) about diabetes mellitus using an interprofessional approach instead. However, the students became confused due to the lack of CPD needs at the specific ward.


A newly graduated lecturer and staff member

A lecturer at the School of Nursing returned from studying abroad and then implemented changes. However, the workplace lacked available human resources (high working load) and the change process triggered a conflict (different perspectives) regarding new methods that did not match the condition (lack of resources). One lecturer resigned due to the changes that increased the workload even more, although the tasks would need to be completed by the remaining, already overloaded, lecturers.


A nurse manager, nurse and director of nursing

A nurse manager and nurse who worked at an outpatient unit received a complaint regarding working performance from a nurse at the unit. Therefore, they asked the director of nursing to move this nurse to inpatient care due to patient safety. The director informed the nurse named in the complaint and asked her to work with inpatient care at the hospital. The nurse experienced no problem due to her working performance and described her family story (husband and small child) to the director and that she lived outside the city and was pregnant. She also highlighted that moving to the inpatient ward with a night shift would result in her resignation due to the impossible working schedule (family response).