Table 6: Summary of the primary decision makers and influencers at each level of the adoption process.

Participant/Stage Patient Medical provider Payer Dispenser Regulator Innovator/Manufacturer
Perception Primary decision maker Influence through routine screening Influence through paying (or not) for routine screens Influence through awareness campaigns
Seek treatment Primary decision maker Influence through availability and cost Influence access and availability Influence through help lines and educative campaigns
Diagnosis If treat, then decision maker Primary decision Maker Influence in self-treatment situation Influence by education, provision of diagnostics
Treatment plan Influence through opinion and requests Primary decision Maker Secondary decision maker, influences through reimbursement rules Primary/Secondary decision maker in self-treatment situation Tertiary decision maker, controls band of possible treatments Influence primary decision maker regarding selection of product and its inclusion in treatment plan
Delivery Primary decision maker. Some delivery decisions Influence type of dispensers & level of control
Evaluation Primary decision maker Secondary decision maker - if patient returns for evaluation Influence through help lines and making comparative data available
Compliance Primary decision maker Limited control Influence through ease of payment and level of cover Influence through education and help lines