Table 4: Cost benefit analysis of focused transthoracic echocardiography performed on 100 patients attending the preoperative clinic.

Item Net total Cost per item Cost Saving
Focused TTE 100 $AUD16.20 $AUD1,620.00
Vasopressor infusion 10 $AUD19.20 $AUD192.00
Arterial catheter 9 $AUD49.20 $AUD442.80
Central venous catheter 1 $AUD68.85 $AUD68.85
Cardiology referral 6 $AUD282.72 $AUD1,696.32
HDU referral 6 $AUD992.00 $AUD5,952.00
Comprehensive TTE (MBS 55115) 67 $AUD230.65 $AUD15,453.55
TOE (MBS 22051) 2 $AUD178.20 $AUD356.40
Surgery not cancelled 10 $AUD150 $AUD1,500.00
Less invasive surgery 2 Not quantified
Changed anaesthesia 5 Not quantified
Training for focused TTE Not quantified
Net cost/saving $AUD2,254.80 $AUD25,027.12
Total saving $AUD22,772.32
Saving per patient $AUD227.72

TOE: Intraoperative Transoesophageal Echocardiography, HDU: High Dependency Unit