Table 1: Survey consisted of 15 questions.

1 Which type of pain are you best educated about?
2 Which type of pain do you treat most often?
3 Which pain can you control best?
4 Which pain do you prefer to treat?
5 Which pain is easiest to treat?
6 Which type of pain is most difficult to treat?
7 Which pain has the highest priority to get treated?
8 Which patient's pain complaint is most reliable?
9 Which pain do you rely most on the numerical pain scale/subjective information given by the patient?
10 For which type of pain do you prefer objective signs of pain such as vital signs and patient activity level?
11 Which pain type would you allow a nurse to administer opioids before evaluation by a physician?
12 Which pain type would you prefer a referral to a pain medicine specialist?
13 Which patients have the most difficult physician-patient interactions?
14 Which type of pain is best controlled in your department?
15 Which type of pain patients do you prefer to review prior records or to contact prior medical providers?