Table 4: Outcomes on follow-up

In-hospital death AT/SAT 0 0
Surveillance angiogram 13 (34%)
1-year TLR 0
1-year non-TLR 6 (16%)
Cross-over to surgery 1 (3%) *
6-months survival 35 (92%)
1-year survival 33 (87%)
2-year survival 31 (82%)
Cardiovascular death 4 (16%)
1-year MACE (death, MI, stroke, repeat PCI) 10 (26%)

*One patient requires CABG and resection of aortic valve fibroelastoma
CVS deaths: One patient suffered from periprocedural stroke & died in skilled nursing facility a month later. One died suddenly 10 months post-PCI. One died from cerebral hemorrhage after receiving thrombolytic therapy for acute inferior STEMI in outside facility. One died in hospice from end-stage heart failure.
Other deaths: one patient died of terminal lung cancer, one died from abdominal sepsis and one died from C Diff colitis.