Table 3: Studies comparing CT-TAP to conventional imaging for detection of metastatic disease in breast cancer patients.

Author Year Journal Imaging modality Patient group n Results: CT TAP Results: Other
Mahner et al 2008 Annals of oncology PET, CT, conventional imaging Locally advanced breast cancer &
suspected stage IV disease
69 Sensitivity 83
Specificity 85
Tanaka et al 2012 Oncology Letters Contrast enhanced CT Asymptomatic breast
cancer patients
483 Upstaged disease:
Stage 1 0
Stage II 1.9
Stage III 31.3
Bristow et al 2007 The Breast CT TAP , bone scan Suspected or confirmed
Stage IV disease
77 Sensitivity 97.7
Specificity 100
Bone-Scan 100 67.6
Total 619