Table2: Toll-Like co-receptor and their characterization

TLR Co-Receptors/ other characteristics
TLR1 TLR2 [90]
TLR3 Cytoplasmic domain dimerization, downstream activation through TICAM-1 [92]
TLR4 Lipoprotein binding protein, CD14, MD2 MyD88, [94] IRAK(IL-1 associated Kinase), TRAF 6, TIRAP , PI (45) p2
TLR5 MyD88 Flagelin Ipaf/ Naip 5 in macrophages inflammome
TLR6 MyD88CD14, CD36, TIRAP RP 105, by decreasing the threshold of the concentration needed for recognition and signaling
TLR7 Unc93b1 a 12 pass integral membrane protein on Endoplasmic Reticulum. with TLR9 traffic through the Golgi [98] apparatus to become endosome [10]
TLR9 Unc93b1, MyD88, TLR9 dimer in endosomal compartment that enable signaling [98]