Table 1: Study populations included in this meta-analysis of sun sensitivity, sunburns and melanoma among populations of Spanish descent.


Author, Publication Year

Age Range


Diagnosis Datesa

Case/ Control



Report Quality scoresc

Rodenas, 1996

Cases: 20-79 Controls: 21-78

Spain,  Andalusia



All incident in-situ or invasive melanomas from the dermatology department at the University of Granada Hospital

Randomly selected visitors to patients other than dermatology ward without any other acute disease


Espinosa Arrenz, 1999

Cases: 21-87 Controls: 21-84

Spain, Madrid



Consecutive melanomas from dermatology and plastic surgery for oncology department at the La Paz, Hospital

Randomly selected emergency patients unrelated to cancer or skin; age & sex matched


Loria,  2001

Not stated

Argentina, Buenos Aires City

5/1993-3/1995 (6/1993-4/1995)


All in-situ and invasive melanomas from 4 hospitals in Buenos Aires City

Randomly selected hospital controls, age, sex, and hospital matched (non-dermatology illnesses)


Ruiz Lascano, 2004

Cases: 14-87

Argentina, Cordoba



Consecutive melanomas from the dermatology service of the Hospital Privado de Cordoba

Randomly selected medical clinic patients (non-dermatology), age and sex matched


Fernandez, 2007 [2009]

Not stated

Spain, Madrid

(09/1/2004-09/30/2005 [10/3/2007])

116/188 [205/245]

Consecutive melanomas from the dermatology department of Gregorio Maranon general University Hospital

Cancer free subjects from Madrid College of Lawyers, age and sex matched


Nagore, 2009

Cases: 60-96               Controls: 60+

Spain, Valencia



Consecutive in-situ and invasive melanomas from dermatology dept. of Instituto Valencianco de Oncolgia (IVO)

Age 60+ randomly selected among those evaluated between 2002-2004 in Program Of Health Promotion; age and sex matched


Ballester, 2012

Cases:43-69 Controls: 42-64

Spain, Valencia

Treatment 1/2007-6/2008


All incident melanomas treated in dermatology departments in 5 hospitals in Valenica

Individuals accompanying non-melanoma patients to dermatology departments from the same geographic area excluding relatives



aStudies that reported data collection dates rather than diagnosis dates are in parenthesis.

bUnclear if in-situ and/or invasive cases unless otherwise specified. All studies reported histologically confirmed melanomas.

cReport Quality assessment was based on four 5-point scales for: completeness of 1) types of cases and controls selected; 2) cases description and 3) control description describing how recruited, reasons for eligibility and numbers at stages of recruitment; and 4) for adequate description of how potential confounders were identified and how they were chosen with a low score for not stating anything or moderately low for using p-values to determine confounding.