Table 4: Study populations included in this meta-analysis of sun sensitivity, sun burns and melanoma among populations of Spanish descent.

Author, Publication Year


skin type

skin color

hair color

eye color


Adjusted for:

Rodenas, 1996

Spain,  Andalusia

Self-reported: I-II, III, IV-Va

Unexposed: Fair, Dark

Blond/Red, Brown, Black

Blue/Green, Hazel, Brown/Black

Blistering during childhood and adulthood: yes/no. Total episodes of blistering: 0,1, 2+

Sun Sensitivity: age, skin color, # hours of recreational exposure, # hours of occupational exposure, nevus counts; Sunburns: age, skin color and skin type.

Espinosa Arrenz, 1999

Spain, Madrid

Self-reported: I-II, III, IV-Vb

Sun Sensitivity: crude (age & sex matched)

Loria,  2001

Argentina (Buenos Aires City)

Self-reported: I, II, III, IV

Inner arm: Fair, Dark/olive

Red, Blonde, Brown, Black

Hazel/green/ grey/blue, Black/dark brown

Childhood, only in adult, lifetime: Ever vs. never.

Eye color, skin color, skin type, # nevi on arms, sunburn in childhood, holidays at the beach lifelong, sports sun exposure lifelong (age & sex matched)d

Ruiz Lascano, 2004

Argentina (Cordoba)


White, Medium, Dark

Dark, Medium, Light-Pale

Light-pale, Medium, Dark

Childhood (age <18): 0, < 3, > 3

European grandparents (not Italian or Spanish), fair skin, severe sunburns before age 18, family history of melanoma (age & sex matched)

Fernandez, 2007 (2009)

Spain, Madrid


Fair/Pale, Light Brown, Dark Brown

Blond, Red, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black

Blue/Grey, Green, Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown

Childhood: Ever vs. never

Sun sensitivity: crude; Sunburns: MC1R variant, blond/red hair, fair/pale skin color, lentigines (age & sex matched)

Nagore, 2009

Spain, Valencia

I-II, III-VI          (no subjects at VI)c


Blond/Red, Black/Brown

Black/Brown, Blue/Green

Severe lifetime: 0, 1-5, 6-10, >10 Defined as blisters or pain at least 2 days

Sun sensitivity: crude; Sunburns: age, hair color, years of occupational sun exposure, lifetime # of severe sunburns, pack-years of cigarettes, # of multiple nevi, personal history of other cancers  (age & sex matched)

Ballester, 2012

Spain, Valencia

Self-reported: Fair (I-II), Dark (III-IV)

Fair (I-II), Dark (III-IV)

Black/Brown, Blond/Red

Light, Dark

Blisters: 0-1, 2-4, 5+

Sun sensitivity: age; Sunburns: crude

Melanoma studies among non-Hispanic Whites


Unexposed: Fair, Medium, Dark (Olive)

Red, Blond, Brown, Black

Blue/Grey, Green, Hazel (light brown), Brown, Black

Childhood, adolescence, adulthood, lifetime: Ever vs. never; or Categories of # sunburns



aBased on propensity to burn and ability to tan.

bBased on Always burn/ never tan, Always burn/ hardly tan, always tan/ sometimes burn, always tan/ never burn. Unclear if self-report or a dermatological examination.

cUnclear if self-report or a dermatological examination.

dOnly the sun sensitivity and childhood sunburns were adjusted, the lifetime sunburns were crude estimates