Table 1: Two Reported Cases of Esophagitis Dissecans Superficialis Associated with Bullous Pemphigoid.



Demographic Characteristics

Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Past Medical History

Home Medications

Endoscopic Findings



1.    Tijjani et al. [5]

47-year-old female

Odynophagia, hematemesis

Bullous pemphigoid

Prednisolone, azathioprine

Sloughing esophageal mucosa with bleeding, erosions in the mid-esophagus (biopsied)

Systemic corticosteroid, blood transfusions, proton-pump inhibitor

Resolution of esophageal lesions at 12 weeks

2. Monke-muller et al. [14]

65-year-old male

Dysphagia, coffee-ground emesis

End-stage renal disease, bullous pemphigoid, coronary artery disease

Not reported

Fragile esophageal mucosa with fluid-filled blebs, “pilling-off” of the mucosa upon biopsy

Systemic corticosteroid

No esophageal lesions at 3 months