Table 4: Anatomical landmarks of the AI DuPont multi-segment foot model set.

Tracking marker set

Anatomical landmark

Lower Leg Cluster Triads

Lateral aspect of the lower leg

Upper Calcaneal

Middle of posterior superior aspect of the calcaneal tubercle

Lower Calcaneal

Middle of posterior inferior aspect of the calcaneal tubercle


Navicular tuberosity


Superior surface of cuboid just proximal to tuberosity of the fifth metatarsal

Fifth Metatarsal Head

Superior surface of fifth metatarsal head

Second Metatarsal Head

Dorsal surface of second metatarsal head

First Metatarsal Head

Dorsal surface of first metatarsal head


Over nail of toe just distal to the cuticle

Additional markers used to establish anatomical coordinate system

Medial Knee

Medial femoral epicondyle

Lateral Knee

Lateral femoral epicondyle

Lateral ankle

Lateral malleolus

Medial ankle

Medial malleolus