Table 4: Correlation between the degree of recovery from prolonged consciousness disorder and variables for 17 patients.

Degree of recovery from PCD
Variable r (Spearman correlation coefficient) P values
Age -0.39 0.13
Day of institution admission from injury -0.29 0.26
mFAFM at first scanb 0.40 0.11
mFAWB at first scan 0.60 0.01
VsFA0.2 at first scan 0.56 0.02
Difference in mFAFM from first to second scan -0.24 0.35
Difference in mFAWB from first to second scan 0.43 0.09
Difference in VsFA0.2 from first to second scan 0.67 < 0.01

mFAFM: mean fractional anisotropy value of the forceps minor; mFAWB: mean fractional anisotropy value for the whole brain; VsFA0.2: number of voxels with a fractional anisotropy value greater than 0.2 in the whole brain.