Table 2: Morphological overlap and dissimilarities between DLB and PDD [2].

Morphological overlap Morphological dissimilarities

Mixture of cortical and subcortical LB/αSyn and AD-related pathologies

Similar Braak LB stages (4-6) and Braak neuritic stages (5 or 6)

Relation between pαSyn and tau aggregation to Aβ deposition in cortex

Initial αSyn aggregation in pre-synapses inducing neurodegeneration via interference with axonal transport

Postsynaptic protein downregulation

Higher Aβ load in cortex and striatum in DLB

Aβ phases and neuritic plaque scores higher in DLB

Higher cortical LB load in temporal & parietal cortex in DLB

Increased tau loads in cortex and striatum in DLB

More frequent and severe αSyn load in hippocampal subareas CA2 in DLB

Differential vulnerability to αSyn pathology in anterior insular cortex (PD > PDD > DLB)

Minor deviations in severity and lesion pattern in SNc

Pedunculopontine cholinergic cell loss in hallucinating PDD, but not in DLB

Higher 5-HT1A receptor binding in cerebral cortex in DLB