Table 1: Rehabilitation program applied to the patient.

       Non resistant bicycle ergometer (10 minutes)

       Stretching exercises

       Hip flexor/adductor

       Knee extensor

       Ankle plantar flexor muscle

       Active resistive exercises with resistance bands (2 set of 10 repetitions)

      Upper extremity

       Shoulder flexors-abductors (1 set of 0.5 kg, increasing gradually to 1 kg )

       Arm flexors-extansors

       Wrist flexors-extensors

      Lower extremity


       Knee flexors-extensors

       Ankle dorsal-plantar flexors

       EMG-bio feedback (20 min/day)


       Knee extensor

       Posture exercises at an across a mirror

       5 day/week, for 4 weeks, supervised by a physical therapist at outpatient clinic