Table 3: In-patient admissions for study population.

Number of patients requiring PICU admissions 9
Mean gestation of the admitted patients 26.1 (SD 1)
Mean birth weight in grams 990.4
Number of male infants requiring PICU admissions 7/9 (77.7%)
Twin pair 0/9
Number of patients diagnosed with neonatal meningitis 1
Number of patients diagnosed with BPD at discharge from NICU 5/9
Diagnosis of admitted patients in PICU Bronchiolitis-7, Subglottic stenosis-2, Pertussis-1
Median age (months) for admission (IQR) 3.25 (4.87)
Median duration of stay (days) in PICU(IQR) 7 (1.5)
Number of patients discharged on home oxygen from NICU 6/9