Table 1: NKF-K/DOQI classification of the stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Stage GFR (mL/min/1.73 m2) Description Action plan*
1 ≥ 90 Kidney damage with normal or increased GFR Treat primary and comorbid conditions
Slow CKD progression, CVD risk reduction
2 60-89 Kidney damage with mild reduction of GFR Estimate rate of progression of CKD
3 30-59 Moderate reduction of GFR Evaluate and treat complications
4 15-29 Severe reduction of GFR Prepare for kidney replacement therapy
5 < 15 (or dialysis) Kidney failure Kidney replacement therapy

NKF: The National Kidney Foundation; K/DOQI: Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative; GFR: Glomerular Filtration Rate (millilitres per minute per 1.73-meter square of body surface area);

CVD: Cardiovascular Disease. *The actions that are listed in the more severe stages of CKD also include actions from less severe stages.