Table 2: Demographics, Clinical and Mesh Characteristics

Demographics characteristics
Total number of patients, n 100
Male/Female ratio 79/21
Age mean/median (range) 51.7/50 (27-80)
Clinical characteristics
Type of ventral hernia, n 101a
Primary 97
Incisional 3
Recurrent 1
Localisation of ventral hernia, n 101
Umbilical/paraumbilical 88
Epigastric 13
Non-reducible hernia, n 34
Mesh characteristics
Mesh size, n 101
4.3cm 11
6.4cm 80
8.0cm 10
Mesh positioning, n 101
Intraperitoneal 78
Retromuscular (Extra-peritoneal) 23 b
Associated pathologies
Total inguinal hernia, n 10c
Bilateral inguinal hernia 2 (1 recurrent bilateral)
Left inguinal hernia 4
Right inguinal hernia 2 (1recurrent)
Simple repair of umbilical hernia (no mesh) 1d

a One patient treated with two Ventralex meshes for combined umbilical and ventral hernias; b Extra-peritoneal mesh placement started in May 2011; c All inguinal hernias treated at the same time endoscopically by TEP repair; d Patient with associated mesh repair of ventral hernia