Table 1: INTERMACS scale for classifying patients with advanced heart failure.

Profiles Description
INTERMACS 1 Hemodynamic instability in spite of increasing doses of catecholamines and/or mechanical circulatory support with critical hypo-perfusion of target organs (severe cardiogenic shock)
INTERMACS 2 Intravenous inotropic support with acceptable blood pressure, but rapid deterioration of kidney function, nutritional state, or signs of congestion
INTERMACS 3 Hemodynamic stability with low or intermediate, but necessary due to hypotesion, doses of inotropics, worsening of symptoms, or progressive kidney failure
INTERMACS 4 Temporary cessation of inotropic treatment is possible, but the patient presents frequent symptom recurrences and typically with fluid overload
INTERMACS 5 Complete cessation of physical activity, stable at rest, but frequently with moderate water retention and some level of kidney dysfunction
INTERMACS 6 Minor limitation on physical activity and absence of congestion while at rest. Easily fatigued by light activity
INTERMACS 7 Patient in NYHA functional class II or III with no current or recent unstable water balance

NYHA: New York Heart Association