Table 1: Summary of past studies of partial and total pancreatectomy for treatment of pancreatitis.

Patient ages Trial period Country Reference Results
Not Reported 1952-1976 United States of America [17] 8 of 14 surviving patients (from an initial 26) did not have abdominal pain post pancreatectomy.
However, the surgery was found to produce many complications.
4-67 1955-1975 United States of America [29] 9 of 19 patients were cured of their abdominal pain and able to return to work post pancreaticoduodenectomy.
34 (men)
39 (women)
1979-1986 England [30] 19 of 29 patients were cured of their abdominal pain,post total pancreatectomy. The remaining 10
patients still had pain that was less severe, often, and of shorter duration.
Average: 40 1998-2008 United States of America [25] 30 patients were evaluated after total pancreatectomy and islet cell transplantation. Mean pain score
dropped from 8 (±1.7) to 2.7 (±2.9). 85% of patients became insulin dependent.
Average: 36.5 2002-2012 United States of America [26] 84 patients underwent total pancreatectomy and islet cell autotransplantation. All but 6 patients decreased
their narcotics usage, and 49 ceased their narcotics use for pain management.