Table 2: Malaria health education intervention for pregnant women.

Study Okeibunor, et al. 2011 [11]
Location AkwaIbom, Nigeria
Participants Pregnant women: 1,280 and another 1,380
Intervention: Complementary community-directed intervention (CDI) programme


Community-directed distributors (CDDs) were trained

a. To deliver ITNs and SP (IPTp1 and IPTp2) to pregnant women, and

b. To provide basic health counselling services.

Duration Each batch was trained for 5 hours (all in a single day)
Guiding theory None

Control :

a. No CDI programme

b. Provision of public health clinics with drugs, functional equipment and other supplies such as tracking sheets

c. Training for health personnel on antenatal care

Contents -
Methods -
Duration 7 months
Guiding theory -

Dependent variables:

a. ITN use

b. IPT uptake (at least two doses)

Summary of results: ITN use

Percentage increase for intervention group:

8.5 percentage points (95% CI: 0.045-0.122, p-value < 0.001)

IPT adherence
35.3 percentage points (95% CI: 0.280-0.425, p-value < 0.001)