Table 3: MMPs, ADAMs and TIMPs expression and role in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

MMPsG3:I20, ADAMs and TIMPs Expression in IBD Role in IBD

Potentiates the in lammatory response
Ulceration (UC)
Biomarker of disease stage (UC)

TNFα cleavage
Mucosal damage

Maintenance of intestinal epithelial barrier integrity
Fistulae formation (CD)

Mucosal damage
Fistulae formation (CD)
Supportive biomarker for diagnosis of UC and CD and the disease stage

Mucosal damage (UC)
Fistulae formation (CD)
Biomarker of disease stage
MMP-10 ntestinal wound healing I
MMP-7 Intestinal wound healing.
Biomarker of disease stage in UC
MMP-26 Mucosal damage and neutrophil migration
MMP-12 Immune response
MMP-19 N.D Increase of in lammatory state and mucosal damage
MMP-28 Not involved.

TNFα cleavage
Mucosa repair
Colitis resistance?
Neutrophil migration and colitis?
TIMP-1 Biomarker of disease stage
TIMP-2 ? Not involved
TIMP-3 TNFα cleavage deregulation

Increase of MMP-2 activity
Increase of platelet aggregation

↑ : Increase; ↓: Decrease; ?: Contradictory data; N.D.: No data to our knowledge.
MMP: Matrix Metalloproteinase; ADAM: A Disintegrin and Metalloproteinase; TIMP: Tissue Inhibitors of MMPs; UC: Ulcerative Colitis; CD: Crohn's Disease.