Table 3: Patient responses to interview questions about successful treatment.


Emergent themes for patient responses

Example of patient quotes

Interviewer question: what makes treatment successful?

Amount of fluid removed during hemodialysis

                     Can feel the difference when the fluid is coming off of me

                     Could tell the difference when the fluids come off

                     I'm not having to have so much fluid drawn out

Fewer side effects following hemodialysis

                     Feeling good after the treatment, not having any light-headedness or cramping

                     Itís not taking so much fluid that I'm pretty much incapacitated for that day

                     Treatment allows doing normal activities without having to crash in bed for hours to recuperate

Reduced fluid retention

                     Get under my weight and my water down

                     I don't put on a lot of water weight in-between treatments

                     If I can take off 5 kilos, that's a good treatment

Interviewer question: how would your symptoms have to change for treatment to be considered successful?

Lessening of fluid retention

                     It probably would make me more active to not have as much fluid on me, it's about a good 5 pounds of water

                     A short treatment, just to take fluid off

                     Itís kind of visual, you'll see like less fluid, less puffiness

Relief from constipation

                     Getting the treatment, I go a little better [constipation]

                     The treatment loosens me up, it makes more liquid after I have my treatment [constipation]

Increased energy

                     More energy, help me to better measure my lifestyle, give me more control of my lifestyle, I think the treatment is worth it

                     My energy level

Relief from thirst

                     I wouldn't be as thirsty, it would be draining the sodium out of my body to stop me from being thirsty

                     If my thirst would be relieved, that would be great

Interviewer question: how would the impact of your condition have to change for treatment to be considered successful?

Improved activity level

                     I'd be able to go home and do some activities instead of lying down

                     It would be a great thing if I could do more

                     About 50% [improvement in activity level]


Twenty-one patients included in study.