Table 1: Lifestyle and environmentally related determinants of chronic disease

Nutrition - Excess energy, fat, sugar, salt, malnutrition
(in)Activity - Inactive leisure and/or work time; excessive sitting
Stress - "Burnout", "brown out", anxiety, depression
Technology-induced-pathology - Adverse effects of technology, injury
Inadequate Sleep - Sleep time, sleep disorders
Environment - Pollution, endocrine disrupting chemicals
Meaninglessness - 'Learned helplessness'
Alienation - from society
Loss of culture/identity etc (as in Indigenous/migrant groups)
Occupation - Shift work, occupational hazards, bullying
Drugs, smoking and alcohol - iatragenesis, 'recreational' drugs
Over (and Under) exposure - Sunlight, skin cancers, vitamin D Deficiencies
Relationships - Support, belonging, care
Social inequality - Trust, ratio between rich and poor