Table 1: Primary Care SMA for Anxiety Program Discussion Topics.


Primary Discussion Topic


Month 1

Introduction to Anxiety

·        Education about anxiety

·        Discussion of behavioral strategies to address anxiety

·        Pros and cons of medication options for anxiety management

Month 2

Behavioral Interventions

·        Introduction to meditation

·        How to incorporate meditation into daily life

·        Practice meditation including breathing-focused and body scan meditation

·        Provide community, smartphone app, etc. resources for continued practice of meditation

Month 3

Medications for Anxiety

·        In depth discussion about medication options for anxiety management

·        Pros and cons of each medication

·        Education and discussion about herbal medicine options for anxiety

Month 4

Insomnia Management

·        Education about insomnia, including causal factors

·        Cognitive-behavioral strategies for insomnia, including sleep hygiene, sleep restriction, cognitive restructuring

·        Introduction to trackingsleep patterns

·        Pros and cons of prescription andover the counter medication options for insomnia

Month 5

Lifestyle Habits

·        Introduction to developing healthy habits for good health and anxiety management

·        Education about benefits of exercise for anxiety and how to incorporate exercise into daily life

·        Discussion of healthy eating habits for anxiety management

Month 6

Effective Communication

·        Discussion of interpersonal situations causing anxiety

·        How to manage anger and frustration

·        Strategies for communicating in an assertive manner