Table 1: Attitudes and opinions towards physical activity and exercise.

For each of the following statements, please choose either yes or no for your response.



Is there a difference between physical activity and exercise?

Do you think the Canadian/USA’s guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each week can be achieved by physical activity alone, or is it necessary to “exercise?”

Would you prefer to engage in more vigorous physical activity such as energetic yard work, brisk walking or forcefully raking leaves than exercise?

Do you think exercise has greater health benefits than physical activity?

Is physical activity or exercise easier for you to do when it’s goal-oriented (i.e. gardening) or when there’s a destination/purpose (i.e. walking to work)?

When you are physically active or exercise, is it important to have one or more friends or colleagues to be physically active or exercise with?

Would you be interested in learning HOW to be more vigorously active in your everyday activities such as when walking the dog, cleaning around the house, running errands or playing with your kids?

Is engaging in physical activity a more natural, realistic and enjoyable part of your day than exercise?

Is moderate to vigorous physical activity easier to incorporate into your day than exercise?