Table 2: Descriptors of physical exercise vs. exercise.Identify whether you associate each descriptor with Physical Activity (PA) or exercise (E).

 _____ Enjoyable, fun, rewarding

_____ Gardening, raking leaves, washing the car and other yard work

_____ Weightlifting

_____ Painful, tiring, boring

_____ Walking

_____ Achieving 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per week

_____ Jogging, cycling, swimming laps

_____ Planned, structured, regimented, routine, repetitive

_____ Taking the stairs

_____ Not rewarding, an obligation, a chore

_____ Stress reliever

_____ Cleaning the house or carrying groceries

_____ Group fitness classes (step bench, spinning, yoga, etc.)

_____ I’m happy and feel like I’ve accomplished something afterwards

_____ Treadmill, stepper, elliptical, bike

_____ Difficult to overcome inertia to achieve (or hard to get motivated to do)

_____ Playing with children

_____ Impractical, it takes too long (drive to the gym, exercise, shower, etc.)

_____ Walking the dog

_____ Sweating, hard work, requires maximal intensity