Table 1: Prunus species with ESTs and prefixes used for EST source tracking

Species namesa Common namesb ESTs Prefix for tracking EST source
P. persica Peach 81200 pe
P. armeniaca Apricot 15233 ar
P. avium Sweet Cherry 12372 av
P. mume Japanese Apricot 4660 mu
P. dulcis (P. amygdalus) Almond 4006 du
P. cerasus Sour Cherry 1266 ce
P. domestica European Plum 54 do
P. salicina Chinese Plum 59 sa
P. serotine Black Cherry 13 so
P. serrulata Flowering Cherry 13 su
P. avium x cerasus x canescens Cherry hybrid 89 hy
Total 118965

a The two-letter abbreviation in each species in bold was used as a prefix added to every EST accession ID to track the EST-derived species source.
b Different common names for some of these species may exist in different regions.