Table 5: t-test for the mean allele numbers and values of heterozygosity, PIC, and gene diversity between the HPM and HNM primersg

Primer types Means t valueh P valueh
Allele number detected HPM 4.000 3.003 0.003
HNM 3.365
Heterozygosity value HPM 0.299 2.490 0.014
HNM 0.196
PIC value HPM 0.621 3.213 0.002
HNM 0.540
Gene diversity value HPM 0.675 3.109 0.002
HNM 0.604

g PIC: Polymorphism Information Content; HPM: Haplotype-based Polymorphic Microsatellite primers; HNM: Haplotype-based Non-polymorphic Microsatellite primers
hIf a t value ≥ 1.973 (the two-tail critical value) or a P value ≤ α=0.05, it rejects the null hypothesis and the difference of the mean value is considered significant. Therefore all the four differences between the HPM and HNM primers are statistically significant (α=0.05).